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Eye of the beholder.

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

It's funny how something appeals to one and yet not another, that's the beauty of life! Differences keep things interesting in so many facets of life as long as there is an understanding that different tastes are a good thing. Differences, can be horrible in certain situations, causing many problems. In art, a difference of opinion, should only determine a painting hanging on your wall, or not. What's your flavor? Abstract, realism etc... What makes an artist good, bad, great or legendary? I believe anyone who creates, whether it's art or anything constructive, has value, to one degree or another. Creativity is a never ending positive circle. So, when you see something creative, even though it may not be "your cup of tea" keep in mind someone took the time and energy to try to make something beautiful. This could be the piece leading to the masterpiece! or not... lol Your eyebrow may go up with that look of ... uh... what is this?... I know mine has lol... but not everything is for you or me. Be creative, try to stay positive and buy the painting !! lol yolo ....

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